Dolce Mondo دولتشة موندو

One of the leading Jewelers in the UAE when it comes to the field of Sterling silver 925 Rhodium plated

مجوهرات و اكسسوارات دولتشة موندو 

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Why Choose Us?

Dolce Mondo was established in the year 2000 with its first outlets in Dubai. Within a span of years, it has succeeded to have 20 outlets in UAE's most popular shopping malls. Now dolce mondo shines and spreads all over UAE.

Dolce Mondo sources the Jewelry from all over the world. The main idea behind it is to bring different culture, colors and style to UAE the hub of multi-nationalities, to give them the experience and flavors of versatile design and style with the unique and fine touch of Dolce Mondo.

Dolce Mondo offers a variety of special Jewelry for those who appreciate elegance and style. Whether you are an art fan or even a student, we have beautiful pieces to counter every need , every taste and no doubt for all occasions.

About Us

We are a wide group of companies operating under multiple brand names in the most popular shopping malls in the UAE Which are :

Dolce Mondo "As the mother company of the group"

Zoppini "The well known Italian Jewelry and Accessories brand" 

Giovanni Star                         BelleMer                         BelleEtoile

Our Locations

Dubai Mall                                         Mall Of the Emirates

Dubai Marina Mall                            Mirdif City Center

Dubai Festival City Mall                   Arabian Mall

Ibn Battuta Mall                                Ajman City Center

Abu Dhabi Mall                                 Deerfields Mall

Abu Dhabi Marina Mall                    Dalma Mall

Mushrif Mall                                       Al Wahda Mall

Bawabt Al Sharq Mall

Head office Address

Al Manara Tower Business Bay unit 2205

Head office working hours

Saturday— Thursday

9:00 AM — 6:00 PM